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Hogan Lovells

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Speaker Series: 2013 Global Women’s Executive Summit

María Antonieta Guillén de Bográn is Vice President of the Republic of Honduras, and was a featured panelist at the 2013 Global Women’s Executive Summit.

Vice President María Antonieta Guillén de Bográn, Republic of Honduras

Being in charge of the Ministry of the Presidency means that Vice President of the Republic of Honduras María Antonieta Guillén de Bográn is managing complex dealings with state modernization, finance, and social policy on a daily basis. The Vice President coordinates the national development strategy, overseeing the overall implementation of the nation’s plan and handling some of the country’s most important programs. Prior to her current appointed position, she worked at FEREMA – the main nonprofit Honduran organization involved in the promotion of education in the country. She also successfully directed the Honduras TELETON Foundation, a non-profit organization serving the needs of the disabled. Her dedication to the underserved led to where she is today: helping to lead the Republic of Honduras.

When asked to provide some tips on how to make it in the high-pressure world of politics, Vice President Bográn was happy to weigh-in. Her answers are below:

1. What can an aspiring leader learn from your missteps?

There will always be situations in which we're going to make mistakes and, although at the moment it may not be easy to understand, mistakes are an opportunity to start again.

When I think of a misstep I’ve had, it would be that I tend to involve myself too much with my tasks to the point of being a perfectionist with everything – even the small details. This without a doubt has been an issue, because it takes up a great amount of my time.

2. What other career path has always interested you?

I would have liked to become an engineer; I have always been interested in the world of construction. It gratifies me to renew, to make, to create. It gives me a sense of freedom; it’s a door to express my imagination.

I also see myself as a communicator; I enjoy articulating to people my dreams, my ideas, and my experiences. It feels nice to express and share anecdotes and tips that can help others. What I like the most is that you get to relate with many people and – most importantly – learn from them.

3. What drives your success?

Putting forth my best effort to overcome the limitations that I have as a person or the difficulties that arise at different stages of life is what drives my success. I don't like failing in anything I do; so I try to always be very clear in the things I decide to undertake. Everything I embark on, I like to force myself to do it well; I commit myself to the goal. I refuse to fail, and I think that if you start by putting love and passion in everything you do, failure won’t be an option.

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