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Hogan Lovells

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Speaker Series: 2013 Global Women’s Executive Summit

Julie Spellman Sweet is General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer at Accenture and was a featured panelist at the 2013 Global Women’s Executive Summit.

Julie Spellman Sweet, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer, Accenture

As general counsel, Julie Sweet has ultimate responsibility for all legal support to Accenture, a position she has held since 2010. A dedicated lawyer with significant international experience, Julie serves as principal counsel to senior leadership as well as the board of directors and leads the company's legal department. In this role, she oversees all legal services, the contract management function, and the office of government relations. As chief compliance officer, Julie is responsible for managing legal and regulatory compliance programs that enable Accenture to operate around the globe — Julie’s area of expertise. She speaks Mandarin and has spent substantial time working in China, Europe, and elsewhere in her professional career. Julie also serves as corporate secretary and is a member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee.

Julie provided the following insights on leadership:

1. What can an aspiring leader learn from one of your professional mistakes?

Follow your instincts, and do not be afraid to be bold. My biggest regrets are when I have not listened to my inner voice. Likewise, it is important to take a step back when faced with a challenge and make sure you are not too reactive and solely focused on fixing the immediate problem, which may be only a symptom of an issue that requires bolder action.

2. What other career path has always interested you?

I focus less on a different career path and more on how I can use the insights I gain in my role, looking across the organization to expand the value I add and enabling growth while protecting the enterprise from risk. At Accenture, we believe our lawyers should be business leaders, with an expertise in law.

3. What drives your success?

Success for any leader or organization is about your team. No one achieves alone. And everyone defines success differently, which is important to keep in mind as you work with and lead teams. My definition of success may be quite different from some of my peers, even though all of them are equally valid. If I understand my definition and my colleagues’ definitions I can better lead everyone — and my company — to succeed.

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