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Hogan Lovells

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six Questions about Women in Business

The discussions got off to a dynamic start with a discussion of past and present barriers to women on the world stage.

Hogan Lovells partner Leah Dunlop moderated a panel of executives including Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman of Carlson; Marina Salamon, Chairman of Atlanta S.p.A.; and Cynthia Zollinger, President and CEO of Cornerstone research.

These panels don't present definitive answers; they raise important questions.

With that in mind, here are six questions about women and global business raised during the panel discussion. Leave responses in the Comments section and Tweet @HoganLovells--we welcome the dialogue.

  1. A large part of doing business today involves emerging markets--including ones that do not have strong track records of preserving the rights of women. Does that reality change how female executives at firms doing business in those markets go about their jobs
  2. Right now, there are more women than men completing college and acquiring a formal education. Will that have any noticeable impact on the business world going forward?
  3. Boards of Directors are notoriously male-heavy. How does that impact organizations that have females at the very top of the C-Suite?
  4. Most can agree that popular culture--advertising in particular--fails to properly represent gender roles. Does this affect business in any direct way?
  5. Does being a confident woman change how one finds success in business?
  6. There has been what amounts to a recession among consumers from 2008 through today. Has that altered the role of women in business?

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